Okay, forget about the mirror.

And anything else we may have said here the last time we updated this page (prior to this one: 10 June, 1999 (El Día del Inamorati for some) or so).

We've discontinued the mirror due to the provider we'd chosen being rather inept. And ourselves, at maintaining two versions of the same site, which you might imagine would be quite easy, and probably is, but we just don't appear to have the knack for it. So it's gone. Unilateral decision helped along by the fact that we hadn't updated it since April, 1999, and it was going to be a huge pain to get it up to date and make sure it served whatever purposes we'd originally intended for it to serve.

As some of you may have noticed (and those of you reading this page have almost certainly seen it already, exhibiting the degree of curiousity you have already by clicking on a relatively obscure link on the home page about sponsors and rubbish like that) we've launched another site, with their own (mostly) staff, at Which will be receiving a few updates and new features, once we return the staff we had to borrow (as they've noted) to get a few updates to Sane Magazine out and about.

A few of which you'll be seeing real soon now. Like a new archives section, a search facility, new wallpapers, and other stuff we've not done just yet!

What an exciting time to be alive!

Love and Kisses,

The Head Editor.

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