Pointers for the Lonely Hearted

We have nothing for you here, I'm afraid, lonely ones.


This is not our sabbatical we've been talking about.

Sure, it's Thursday. Sure, we ostensibly publish on Mondays.

Sure, we haven't published on a Monday since the end of the second World War.

Sure, the content's been.... lacking. Sometimes. Most times, in fact.

Sure... sure. But we have some content backed up. I swear. What happened was the close proximity of our new offices to Fenway Park, and the recent sickness of nearly every member of the team with some debilitating disease that's probably eating the very flesh right off their bones and regurgitating it as baking soda mixed with water and bacon grease as we speak has somehow made it through our offices, which has led to a ban on our staff members attending, cavorting with, or licking Red Sox players. The enforcement of this ban, as well as the steady stream of trips to the shop to purchase fragrances to cover up the smell of bacon grease and baking soda, in addition to some ill-timed attempts to learn cricket, in the office, which resulted in the demise of one of our main content servers which would randomly generate content when we're in a pinch and everyone's too busy surfing the internet for used barbecue grills, well, these have all contributed to make this week's issue late. So late, in fact, that it may never show up until the End of Times. So what we've done is embedded the new HTML 6.7 spec <homingBeacon> tag for the content to wing its way here eventually, when it feels like it's ready.

So that's what the score is. We're too busy to take a sabbatical, and we're too busy to properly, umm, service you, I suppose.

Just wait for it. I know one of the writers has some excellent ideas, and if we can get him in from the coffee shops and beetle trading floor down in Billerica we'll have that to you very soon now.

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If you had feelings about this week's issue, be sure to let us know how you felt. If your feeling isn't covered here... well, I guess you're stuck, then, aren't you?
Liked it.
Didn't like it.
Would have liked more references to bats.
I'd rather be boiled in vinegar.

Also, we'd like your take on the now missing Summary Feature (email subscribers can still access the summary for the current week's issue only and you can sign up here). How do you feel about the (now gone) summary feature on each issue?
I miss it.
Didn't use it.
What summary, you mean I can get away with reading less?
Don't miss it at all.

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