An Chríoch

Sane Magazine is officially Closed for Business.

Gone Fishin', as it were.

Closin' out the stinkhole, as my granpappy used to say.

Dos vedanya.


Here we are. Not terribly exciting, I know.

But that's what we're giving you these days. I can't fault the people for voting with their little electronic feet and leaving the mailing list (which, when it works, is a marvel of modern technology).

Happy April Fools?

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If you had feelings about this week's issue, be sure to let us know how you felt. If your feeling isn't covered here... well, I guess you're stuck, then, aren't you?
Liked it.
Didn't like it.
Would have liked more references to bats.
I'd rather be boiled in vinegar.

Also, we'd like your take on the now missing Summary Feature (email subscribers can still access the summary for the current week's issue only and you can sign up here). How do you feel about the (now gone) summary feature on each issue?
I miss it.
Didn't use it.
What summary, you mean I can get away with reading less?
Don't miss it at all.

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01 Apr, 2008

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