A Public Service Thing

Listen, pull up a seat. I have something I want to talk to you about.

This isn't going to be easy... For me or you.

It's just that... well. Umm. Listen, let me get back to you. In the meantime, enjoy the horoscopes, and we'll talk about this next week, okay?

Great. You've always been so understanding. Thanks, man. And I mean that in a non-gender-specific, genuine kind of way.


Annnd again. Again. Our fix for the fix that didn't work also didn't seem to "catch," as it were. So let's try that same text again, for good luck.... pleeeeeeease.

I have no idea what's been happening with our technical infrastructure. First it was badgers eating through the phone lines, then it was that freak electrical storm that took out the power to everything, except the toaster still kept working, and then it was our mailing system just stopped. No more mails for you when there was a new issue, and no sign at all, from our end, that they weren't sent out. Except, of course, the giant, gaping hole in our inbox where a weekly mail should be.

And now, possibly, we've gotten it working. Maybe. Who knows? It's a computer. They do their own thing. A bit like children, that way.

As a public service announcement, I'm telling you now that you don't even need to be on the mailing list, to be honest with you, if you want the latest Sane Magazine updates. We have an RSS feed, which means you can add Sane to your favorite newsreader (like Google Reader, NewsFire, NetNetsWire, or Safari, if you bookmark our site), and each week, usually sometime around Monday you should get a little notification of a new issue. No more stuff to clutter up your inbox and compete for your attention with ads for various drugs, money schemes, and facebook invitations.

By all means, you can stay subscribed (or can even get subscribed NOW) via the email newsletter, especially now that it, you know, works. We're just trying to help you help yourself, in case our trusty Sane Magazine Robot ever breaks down again.

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If you had feelings about this week's issue, be sure to let us know how you felt. If your feeling isn't covered here... well, I guess you're stuck, then, aren't you?
Liked it.
Didn't like it.
Would have liked more references to bats.
I'd rather be boiled in vinegar.

Also, we'd like your take on the now missing Summary Feature (email subscribers can still access the summary for the current week's issue only and you can sign up here). How do you feel about the (now gone) summary feature on each issue?
I miss it.
Didn't use it.
What summary, you mean I can get away with reading less?
Don't miss it at all.

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10 Mar, 2008

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