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issue no.450 :: Purple Burp Machine
This one always reminds me of grape soda, does it remind you of that? I'm sure it does. So it goes.

issue no.449 :: Haeccitas
This issue embraces individual differences.

issue no.448 :: A False History, Of Sorts
This is, perhaps surprisingly, not continued in many ways from the previous issue, even though it has a very similar title and most of the same words (last fact may not be entirely true).

issue no.447 :: A False History
Sometimes the truth is best left so unsaid that you wind up saying something else entirely, instead.

issue no.446 :: I Want Out
Quoth the vicar to the kumquat.

issue no.445 :: Turtles are not Indigenous to Mars
You would do well to remember that, when visiting Mars with your pet turtle.

issue no.444 :: Germ Factory
Some little invader brought in some little germs to infect the office.

issue no.443 :: The Vicious Rumors of a Closed Down Insurance Office
Loose lips may sink ships, but a cannon would be a good idea, if you're thinking of trying to actually sink a ship.

issue no.442 :: Sometimes, the Best Excuse is the One with Wings
Well, the novel writing thing is over, with a grand total of nine words written. This, thankfully, contains none of those words.

issue no.441 :: Late Night Food Run
This is a few words more than I have currently for NaNoWriMo. Which is to say, not a lot. Maybe we can call it NaShStWriMo for us.

issue no.440 :: Skateboarding Giraffe (Nano)
Six and a half words out of fifty thousand now, after a bit of thinking.

issue no.439 :: Nano
Six words out of fifty thousand now, after a bit of editing.

issue no.438 :: To Be Followed By NaNoEdMo
We're right in the thick of it. Well, as thick as seven words out of fifty thousand can be, anyway.

issue no.437 :: Nanoo, Nanoo (tm)
And so we begin the pre-preparations. It's going to be a long month.

issue no.436 :: The Becoming
What up with the next couple weeks, yo? We'll tell you what, I tell you what.

issue no.435 :: Walden
We spent some time in our friend Thoreau's woods this afternoon. And we saw no sign of spirea.

issue no.434 :: Spirea 2
We're in Ireland this week. And this issue is in your head.

issue no.433 :: Spirea
An ode, well, not quite an ode, to a bush. A very stubborn, rootsy bush.

issue no.432 :: Feed the Baby
A little story about the man in white. Sort of.

issue no.431 :: My Arms! My Arms!
All I can say right now is ow.

issue no.430 :: Mistakes are the Portal of Disco
Like the eyes are the windows to the soul, mistakes are the portal of disco.

issue no.429 :: Scary Beet Feet
You are what you eat, and walk upon.

issue no.428 :: The Well Has Run Dry
I don't know what this is about, but hopefully it isn't about a little pissant in Falmouth.

issue no.427 :: Zebus of the World Unite!
Do you know what a zebu is? Sure, sure you do.

issue no.426 :: The Life of the Fly: With Which are Interspersed Some Chapters of Autobiography
No one told you to open that door, mate.

issue no.425 :: Waking Up Slowly
A little bit more nothing from the other side.

issue no.424 :: What Happens Under the Great Gum Tree
We're all so very tired this week. Lessons to be learned: Never do that again.

issue no.423 :: Under New Management (Faux Friendly)
The little sidetrip, we wrap it up... and send off the result to the Chamber of Commerce of Falmouth, MA.

issue no.422 :: Under New Management (Without a Clue)
A little sidetrip inspires this week's issue. Not necessarily in a good way... but hey, it's material.

issue no.421 :: The Opposite of Salad
A short one, prepping for a beachy time.

issue no.420 :: You Are What You Have to Wrestle in Pudding
What the heck are a bunch of cows doing on my television?

issue no.419 :: Big in Japan, Hated in Venezuela 5
So, there you have another week, another chunk of the serial. Funny how that works like that.

issue no.418 :: Big in Japan, Hated in Venezuela 4, The Interlude
What happens when you argue with Boston cabbies? Lots.

issue no.417 :: Big in Japan, Hated in Venezuela 3
A story about the way things were... and how they got to be.

issue no.416 :: Big in Japan, Hated in Venezuela 2
A continuation of the story about the wayward... sort of, second baseman.

issue no.415 :: Big in Japan, Hated in Venezuela
A small voyage into and away from something and nothing and everything. Which might sound deep, to a first year college student, but really means we didn't have a good idea of what the issue was about when we wrote this description.

issue no.414 :: What Am I Doing?
This could have been a much more verbose title, I suppose. But, then, we don't have time for that, do we?

issue no.413 :: I'll Die in Daylight
This is a short and sweet little one. Or at least one of the two. We shall see.

issue no.412 :: Thank You Thank You Thank You
What is going on around here?

issue no.411 :: Widsith the Wide-Traveled
It's about a guy, a guy with a lot of miles in his shoes. I'd say "on his shoes", but the miles would more likely be on the soles of them, not on top of them.

issue no.410 :: A Case of Too Much Fun
A sing songy little voice is sometimes all it takes to ruin a day.

issue no.409 :: I Trains Fishes
The nicest surprises come in little, non-surprising packages, especially if you've got a weak heart.

issue no.408 :: The Day the Plague Hit
So we got hit by the plague... it happens.

issue no.407 :: Easter Lobsters
Don't stop thin. There was more, but not like that.

issue no.406 :: It Wasn't Supposed to Be Like This
Small, delightful. Just enough content to get by.

issue no.405 :: Don't Touch the Blue Button, Please
This is not what you might think it is about. Then again, it might be.

issue no.404 :: What Happens in Katmandu 2
What will happen in Katmandu will more likely than not stay in Katmandu. Especially if it's a goat, as we've seen.

issue no.403 :: What Happens in Katmandu
What will happen in Katmandu will more likely than not stay in Katmandu.

issue no.402 :: From the Floor
A view to a thrill... a very short thrill and view... from the floor.

issue no.401 :: Who Ate All the Tic Tacs?
There are great mysteries in life. Then, there are the other mysteries. This is one of each, funnily enough.