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issue no.400 :: Wheaties Box Guy
You don't mess with what works, and you don't mess with people sporting a tattoo of a My Little Pony on their arm.

issue no.399 :: Testing Turnips
This is a test of the emergency broadcasting system. If you are hearing this, we are likely in the middle of moving the Sane Magzine offices over to the east coast, where they probably rightly belong. The east coast of the United States of America.

issue no.398 :: Captain Impatient
And now, we enter the rabbit hole, and will we return? Unscathed? Well-fed? If I could tell you I'd make a lot of money on the psychic market.

issue no.397 :: Sisyphus of the Bottles
Sisyphus, the original one, had it easy. Stones are much easier to deal with than space age baby bottles.

issue no.396 :: Do Not Juggle Small Babies 2
This is another good rule to follow: do not juggle babies after they've just eaten. They not only feel like water balloons, but they act like them, too.

issue no.395 :: Do Not Juggle Small Babies
This, I find, is a good rule of thumb to follow: if the baby is less than hefty you should not attempt to juggle them, as appealing as that may be to you.

issue no.394 :: Vittles and Kits
A little bit of nothing to kick off the new year. Or something along those lines. East coast style.

issue no.393 :: Traumarama
A short and sweet one, mostly a reminder to get your butts to the Booklovers' Gourmet in Webster, MA on 28 December between 5-7pm for the Fenway Fiction reading!

issue no.392 :: Glassjaw Joe
He had a glass jaw. But literally, not figuratively. Which makes for an interesting thing to watch walk down the road.

issue no.391 :: Papas Fritas
Do not try and attempt to break out of a moving car with a little piece of glass you thought was a diamond.

issue no.390 :: Friday Comes Early to Twinkletown 2
A continuation of the series from William Murphy... read it and weep! Or not... just try maybe smiling... smiling's better than weeping.

issue no.389 :: Friday Comes Early to Twinkletown
A detached sort of story. About detachment. And a reminder of the big reading coming up in Webster, MA.

issue no.388 :: A Fitful Day
We have an upcoming reading in Webster, MA on 28 December, 2005. And a little story about a killer pair of stockings.

issue no.387 :: The Crib
Like a rollicking adventure story, this rollicks and rolls along. I give you... adventures in crib shopping. In the urban jungle.

issue no.386 :: Epistle to Gerbils
A short letter... not necessarily a love letter... but there you have it. An old-fashione letter.

issue no.385 :: Happy Plonker
Will this one be as successful as our Sheep play? Who knows? Vote for your favorite! And buy a t-shirt, while you're at it!

issue no.384 :: The Proof is in the Pudding
Pudding! We love pudding! Everyone loves pudding! And now there's *proof* in it! Excellent!

issue no.383 :: You Run and Run and Run
Some people have it in them to run and run and run. Others, to sit.

issue no.382 :: Not on Your Life
A delightful examination of what it means, exactly, to be a peanut. Err, human. Oh, no, wait, peanut was correct. What it means to be a peanut. Gripping stuff!

issue no.381 :: Dr J versus Larry Bird 2
Yet another romp down memory lane... well, not technically yet another... more like a continuation of the same.

issue no.380 :: Dr J versus Larry Bird
You surely remember this one... don't you? Don't you? Of course you do.

issue no.379 :: Dear Pedro
A quick letter to a dear old friend.

issue no.378 :: The Missing Week
You don't want to know where this one has gone... where no issue has been before. Oh. Whoops, I just gave it away.

issue no.377 :: Does Circular Motion Suit the Earth?
Copernicus wasn't just all about astronomy, you know... he did lots of stuff. But not macramˇ, so far as I know.

issue no.376 :: Watery Son
Legend has it you can tell what kind of weather you're going to get tomorrow by the kind of sun you have the previous evening... well, this one was a watery one.

issue no.375 :: False Alarm
This one is about a little clown. It's not as easy as you might think, being a clown. Then again, it's not as tough, either.

issue no.374 :: Rancho San Ant Onion
Once upon a time, there was an ant. And an onion. And the two of them got along famously.

issue no.373 :: Traffic is No Place for Philosophy
You keep your eyes on the road, and your id and ego firmly in the driver seat.

issue no.372 :: The Vicious Beating Fields
Sleep deprived ramble or carefully calculated plea for more donuts? You be the judge.

issue no.371 :: A Little Late
Not quite an official issue, but a little statement, I suppose. An announcement, almost, if you will. And I think you will.

issue no.370 :: How About This, Then?
Okay, so last week wasn't the end... but what about this one? No lemons this week, folks.

issue no.369 :: Is This the End?
Sane has been around for 12 years... is this the thing that finally ends it all?

issue no.368 :: The Stones of Huilong
It's not my fault I was born short. It's just the way things were. And are.

issue no.367 :: Beetroot
Sometimes a story is just a story. Other times, it isn't. Sometimes it's, like, a metaphor.

issue no.366 :: God Coffee, I Should Finish You
This week we take a look at a little thing I like to call <i>God Coffee</i>. Everyone else can call it Forthcoming... some day soon now, I promise.

issue no.365 :: Tips for Time Travelers
An excerpt from a found document from sometime... in the future? In the past? Whichever, it offers a few simple rules for the aspiring time traveler.

issue no.364 :: Do Not Go There
The story of a conference room, and people doing the conferencing thing.

issue no.363 :: Tickled Blue
A continuation of the bad man rides into town. Still riding.

issue no.362 :: Baby Bootcamp, or Interview with the Unborn (As of Yet)
We have an in-depth chat with our little buddy. Err, Buddy.

issue no.361 :: "Monkeys"
Well, it's about monkeys. What did you expect?

issue no.360 :: Metamorpho-ma-sis
A kind of Kafkaesque one.

issue no.359 :: ZeroStation
Isn't this thrilling! Well, sort of, in a way, I guess you could say. Read it and weep.

issue no.358 :: The Bad Guy Rides Into Town
"On what?" you ask. Read the issue.

issue no.357 :: Shiny Piece of Tinfoil
A little shiny piece of tinfoil. This one goes out to the one I love.

issue no.356 :: The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker
An old favorite... nursery rhyme, that is, not this particular issue. With any luck, maybe.

issue no.355 :: Wheat Germ
We left out wheat germ last week, and now it's back with a vengeance. In the title, anyway.

issue no.354 :: Don't Let This Be You
Best viewed with 3-D glasses. Like that Creature from the Black Lagoon film.

issue no.353 :: The Prolific Spiders of Los Gatos
Dinner's burnin' while the spiders weave their stuff.

issue no.352 :: Books on Running a Bookstore
Some things are learned, some things are... co-opted.

issue no.351 :: Timid Times in the Seamy Valley 2
A kipper for your thoughts.